Vin Diesel and Paloma Jimenez Dating History

If you are wondering about Vin Diesel’s dating life and wife, you will be hard-pressed to find out that the actor likes to keep things as silent and as low as possible. A macho man like Vin Diesel is bound to have countless beauties lining in front of his door step just to get a chance being with him. But the truth is actually much far from that. The action star is happily in love with his long time girlfriend Paloma Jimenez. They have been together for a number of years and have a family together. If you are wondering why you rarely hear about Paloma, Vin once stated that he comes from a background of people who stick to a certain code and this code involves talking and sharing too much about your family. Nevertheless, the world is already familiar now with Vin and Paloma’s status, but there are still some much unanswered questions behind their dating history.

Much of the things about them remain secret because of the uncertainly of Paloma Jimenez’s biography. But things have emerged in the last years when lots about their relationship have become public. One of the things that amaze people is the age difference. In fact, Vin is 16 years younger than Paloma and they met while she in her early 20s. Currently Vin is 49 years old while she is 33. But the fact that Vin is much older than Paloma does not seem to bother them. They have enjoyed their relationship for all this time and share a specific bond.

Paloma Jimenez is Mexican, and she was born and raised in Mexico. She is a model and an actress and has appeared in many advertisements and campaigns of many famous brands. Some of them include Honda and Coca-Cola as well. She is currently represented by ID Model Management in the United States while her image is maintained by Look Models in Mexico. Some of her greatest achievements included appearing on the cover of Maxim magazine as well. She is very fashionable and beautiful and is one of the reasons she caught Vin’s eye.

Vin and Paloma actually met in the early 2000s. This was before Vin embarked on the Fast and Furious franchise that made him into an action star. He was popular then but not as he is right now. But nevertheless he saw Paloma and took a liking for her. She was a young model back then, only starting in America. Her popularity was much bigger in her home country of Mexico where she already made a name for herself. She even appeared in some tele novelas and in that sense started a kind of an acting career as well.

Vin and Paloma started their relationship very secretive. Nobody actually knows why. Some people think that it is because of the age difference while others assume that it was because of the image that Vin Diesel wanted to display in front of his fans. Either way, they were caught together and the pictures immediately circled the net and people started guessing who the mysterious girl under Vin’s arm is. Actually, it helped Paloma’s career a bit being seen with Vin and she made her first steps towards stardom in America that way.

After a substantial period of being together Vin and Paloma decided to expand their family. And so they got their first child together in 2008. They named their first daughter Hania Riley and Paloma was only 24 when she got her first child. In 2010, they would be blessed once again this time the birth of their fist son which they named Vincent Sinclair. For a short time they lived as a family of four but would decide to expand to five and Paloma got pregnant with their third child. It was another daughter and they got her in 2015. Because of the tragic death of Vin’s costar from the Fast and Furious franchise and his long time personal friend Paul Walker, they decided to name their daughter Pauline. That way they honor the memory of Paul Walker who both and Paloma considered as a personal friend and they were close with each other’s families.

Even after a long time relationship that Paloma and Vin have and even with the three kinds under their belts, the two remain unmarried. They have never actually discussed the fact of officially getting married and are still boyfriend and girlfriend even with such a history and family ties that they have. The two remain fairly certain in their status and do not mind staying together even without being married.


Paloma Jimenez with husband and children

But their relationship stood under a test at a certain moment. Besides all things going well, there was a time when it was rumored that Paloma and Vin were going to break up. This was because of Vin’s jealousy and some reports that Palome was cheating on Vin. We are not sure which facts are true and which are not. But the fact remains that Paloma was considering getting back to modeling full time. During her stints because of pregnancy her body changed and she needed to take a break from her professional career. But after successfully giving birth to two of their children she got back in shape and was ready to get back to modeling. She did pretty well but rumors started appearing that she was seeing other men like other male models and colleagues. This did not sit well with Vin and he started questioning her desire to becoming a model again. He first forbade her to do her job and then wanted to break up with her. But things panned out and everything was cleared. She managed to convenience him about her innocence in the matter and explained that she has never been involved with other men. They patched things up and a while later Paloma got pregnant with their third child.

Their relationship is still going well now and they are enjoying every moment together. You will often see them making appearances on the red carpet and movie premiers. They often come together and you can see what a happy family they are. Still, there is no information about their getting married. But you do not need a piece of paper in order to prove that you are in love and Vin Diesel and Paloma Jimenez certain show it.