Wanda Hutchins Biography

Wanda Hutchins was one of many non-celebrities that married a celebrity, precisely, a retired American footballer Michael Strahan. German interior designer attained enormous fame after she got engaged to Michael Strahan.

Wanda has not talked much about her career and professional. The media knows nothing of it since there are not that many pieces of information revealed.

One thing is certain – she is an interior home designer and the owner of Wandaful Home Designs. However, Wanda Hutchins certainly did not get famous because of her career.

Wanda Hutchins was born in Germany on June 6, 1973. Some sources report different birth dates, one of them being Januar 1. Wanda herself did not confirm either of these and we are not sure of her exact date of birth.

Wanda Hutchins does not have any social media accounts and lives a quiet life. She is not active on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Wanda Hutchins’s Net Worth & Salary

Throughout her career, she led a very luxurious lifestyle. However, the exact number of her salary and net worth is distant from the spotlight.

Wanda’s professional career is somewhat of a mystery and very unclear. Not much information about Wanda’s professional life exists. She did not earn a lot of money by working as an interior designer.

On the other hand, her ex-husband and retired NFL player Michael Strahan, has a net worth of $65 million from his very successful career. According to some online sources, he earns a very desirable salary of $17 million.

Michael bought a house in 2000 that cost $1.3 million in Georgian Heights. In 2013, Michael had sold his Bel-Air mansion for more than $11,000,000. Also, he owns a home in Houston and the house is worth more than $160,000.

Wanda Hutchins’s Partner & Family Life

Wanda Hutchins discovered love for the very first time when she met Michael Strahan, football defender. As of 2019 he is a retired NFL player. Media revealed that the couple had their first meeting when both of them were very young, Michael Strahan was 14 and Wanda Hutchins’s was 12.  They met at a school in Germany.

Whether their love has developed from their time together in Germany or something else has happened, such as fate, remains unknown. Wanda and Michael, being in love with each other, welcomed their very first child.


Wanda Hutchins and her daughter Tanita

The child’s name is Tanita and she was born in 1992. Dozen of weeks after welcoming Tanita to the world, Michael and Wanda had married and started their marital life. Soon after, Michael had gained a huge amount of publicity and fame that led their marriage into a downward spiral.

Nonetheless, even when things were not looking so great, they did not give up on their marriage and life together. Wanda Hutchins and Michael Strahan welcomed their second child, on September 12, in 1994. This time, a boy was born and his name is Michael Strahan Jr.

Wanda and Michael’s Divorce

Having two children in their life surely made both of them happier. But Wanda and Michael could not deal with their differences and filed for a divorce two years after Michael Strahan Jr birth, in 1996. Wanda and her ex-husband Michael shared custody Michael Strahan Jr and Tanita.


Wanda Hutchins / Michael Strahan

Michael visited his children on rare occasions. It would not be wrong to say that Wanda raised the children all by herself as a single mother. The youth of both Michael and Wanda may be the cause of their separation. They could barely handle the responsibility.

Michael claimed that Wanda was unfaithful to him. Therefore, he claimed that Wanda Hutchins is not a woman that he would like to have in his life. Not long after the divorce, NFL player Michael Strahan started seeing and dating other women.

The Second Marriage of Michael Strahan

Following the divorce with Wanda, Michael’s relationship with Jean Muggli, a store manager, turned into marriage in 1999. She has given birth to two twin girls, Sophia and Isabella. Even though they had two daughters together, this marriage also failed.

The couple divorced in 2006.


Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli

Afterward, Michael was briefly engaged to Nicole Mitchell.

Since the divorce, Michael expressed guilt over ending the relationship with Wanda. He said that he was too young to realize how great she is.

As of today, Michael spends plenty of time with his children, as they represent inspiration is his life. Children from both marriages are close to each other and consider themselves friends.


Michael Strahan and Nicole Mitchell

Wanda Hutchins Age

Wanda Hutchins was born in 1973 in Germany and she is 46 years old. Her Zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Capricorn’s traits are responsibility, self-control, good management, discipline. Their weaknesses are: unforgiving, expecting the worst, know-it-all, condescending.

Height & Weight of Wanda Hutchins

An ex-spouse of an American football player, Wanda Hutchins has an average body figure and height. Wanda is 5 feet 9 inches(176cm) tall, which is considered slightly above average.

Sources do not mention Wanda’s exact body measurements or weight. She has dark brown eyes and short black hair.

Wanda Hutchins’s Nationality & Ethnicity

Wanda Hutchins is of American nationality and her ethnicity is mixed.

Biography & Facts
Born: 1 January 1973
Nationality: American and Germany
Ethnicity: Mixed
Religion: N/A
Profession: Interior designer
Net Worth: N/A
Salary: N/A
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark brown
Height: 5 feet 9 inches(176cm)
Weight: N/A
Married to: No (divorced)
Affair with: N/A
Children: 2 (Tanita and Michael Strahan Jr)
Birth Sign: Capricorn
Education: N/A