Westworld Season 3 Release Date

Westworld fans are scratching their heads and biting their fingernails after the dramatic finale of Season 2. Which begs to question: When is season 3 coming out? Similarly like after the finale of season 1, the second season continued with its dramatic twists and great storytelling, only showing us that HBO’s Westworld is probably one of the better shows on TV currently. And, like in the style of Westworld we are left with more questions than answers. This is starting to become a there since season 1 has done the same. But it is what captivates the viewer and makes audiences keep coming back.


Evan Rachel Wood

So the biggest and most important question now is “When is the release date of the Westworld Season 3?” Unfortunately, there are no exact details revealed about this. Showrunners are keeping all of their secrets closer to their chests and will probably keep doing so for the better part of the year. If we are to look for answers in Season 1, it took a solid 14 months for season 2 to be released. But after season 1 ended, the announcement was made almost instantly as they stated that Season 2 will be out in more than a year time. There were some speculations that it could be about two years before we see all of our favorite characters come back and see what fate befell them after the events that ended season 1.


Thandie Newton

The writers and showrunners of the show, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, recently gave an interview where they talked about the show and which direction they try to take it. When asked about the Westworld Season 3 release datethey simply stated that “It is going to be a while.” They went on to explain that they want to think things thoroughly after the determine where to take their characters next. They also stated that they want to make each new season much more exciting that the previous one in order to captivate and surprise the audience even more. These things take time so letting them plan ahead might be a good idea. If we want to get a good show we need to be patient, we cannot let rash decision and deadline dates deter the way a show has been going and it is better that the vision of the writers and the directors is put on the screen as planned.


Jonathan and Lisa also said that they are planning to take to show on a new level and they view it as a challenge the way that they are planning to continue it. And they only want time to make things happen and to fit everything in its right place.

So when can we expect the first trailer to air? That is also a very big question as movie and series trailers instantly mean that the premier is just around the corner. But no Season 3 trailer so far and it is most likely that we are not going to see one any time soon. Season 2 trailer made its debut at the last Super Bowl, so if things go similarly we might get to see Season 3 trailer somewhere at the same time.  HBO has done a great job with its trailers as when they do release them it does not reveal much about the plot of the show. Opposed to some other shows which in fear of being rejected manage to spur almost an entire plotline through a trailer. Westworld is much more subtle than that and if we do get to see a trailer any time soon, it will probably reveal nothing.


James Marsden

But what about the returning cast? One thing that is for sure is that the main protagonists of Season 1 and 2, namely Dolores played by Evan Rachel Wood and Maev portrayed by Thandie Newton, will most certainly be a part of Season 3. Their arc is certainly not finished and there is a lot more that the two need to tell. There were some talks about equal rights between the male and female actors from the show and how much they need to be paid. Apparently the main female duo will now be payed equally, and substantially to add, as some of the veterans of the show, namely Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris. Some of the characters might not make it back though, which is apparently the case with James Marsden and his cowboy character who apparently committed suicide. There are also certain contemplations about Bernard, played by Jeffrey Wright, whose faith remains a mystery for now.


Jeffrey Wright

But besides the old cast members, there are some new ones that have already been signed on. Some of them are still rumored while some of them have already been confirmed. There are characters who will also reprised their roles from Season 2 and carry it into Season 3, but with a much higher purpose than that used to have. One of the returning characters that we can expect more from will be Grace, played by Katja Herbers. Some that also appeared in the past season are Karl Strand, portrayed by Gustaf Skarsgård, and also Major Craddock, who is played by Jonathan Tucker. Either way, we are expecting a plethora of new characters that will also be very interesting to watch in the forthcoming season.