What Does Donna Peele Think About Charlie’s New Girlfriend?

Charlie Sheen is at it again, this time with a much younger girlfriend. Actually this is not the first time this has happened and we should already be used to this. But, nevertheless Charlie was spotted leaving his daughter’s Lola 12th birthday part with a very hot and very young girlfriend. He just said to the reporters, “This is my Girlfriend Jules.” He posed for the picture and left.

Charlie has been married three times already but his first wife, Donna Peele seems not to care about this. She had nothing to comment about Jules and simply said, “I have moved past that a long time ago.” Donna may have been the first but she does not display any kind of emotions towards Charlie anymore and does not care about how he decides to lead his life.

Alana Stewart Must be Ageless

Alana Stewart and Melanie Grifith decided to let loose and go out in town. The due was seen wearing quite sleek clothes making their way to West Hollywood. This is not something out of the ordinary for celebrities to do but Melanie is 58 and Alana 70 and they both look like they are in their thirties.

Both Melanie and Alana were displaying slim figures and showed that despite their age they can still look good. Alana is particularly exasperating to look at as she looks much better in her 70s than her former husband Rob Stewart does. She displayed a very slim figure for a 70-year-old and decided to wear a short monochrome skirt with a nice print and even decided to show some legs wearing knee high boots. Another example of how ageless some celebrities can be.


Skai Jackson Displays an Attitude Way Beyond her Years

The child and Disney star Skai Jackson may be just in the start of her career but she seems that she is holding things pretty well together. Even though she is only 15-years old she is displaying the attitude, professionalism or poise of a 25 or even a 35-year old. It is amazing how Skai is able to comment and speak freely but wisely about certain topics, some of which people would say are touchy. Is she really just 15-years old or she is only dressed up to be one.

Recently her Twitter post displayed her attitude towards bullying and she has managed to fight off some people who are much older and wiser than her on the internet. She simply wrote:

No one’s gonna like [everything] you do at the end of the day. There’s always gonna be someone who doesn’t like what you do, who’s gonna always hate on you. But for me, I’m living for what I do, I’m living for myself.

When asked about her message and how she conceives interment behavior and what did she actually mean with the message she answered:

I’ve dealt with it since I was nine years old and even younger. And know that it doesn’t really matter what people say. I’m just rooting for myself.

If that isn’t a good answer I don’t know what is.


Whatever Happened to Allen Payne from New Jack City

New Jack City was a 1991 crime thriller movie about drugs and gangs and the way it affected New York. It was a legendary movie by many accounts and one which was not afraid to tackle some issues. It also managed to introduce and established some of the actors in the industry giving them a much more prolific career than they would have hoped to get. Actors like Wesley Snipes, Ice-T, Chris Rock and Judd Nelson all went on to make aspiring and prolific careers all by themselves. But what happened to Allen Payne.

Payne used to play Gerald ‘Gee Money’ Wells, and started off his career by playing C.J. Payne on ‘Tyler Perry’s House of Payne’. He portrayed this role between the period of 2006 and 2012 but after that not much has happened to Allen. If you have thought that he has quit acting, you are wrong.

He is still going strong but not much is happening to advance his career. But Allen is hoping for a revival as he is going to continue his role of C.J. Payne on the spinoff show called “The Paynes,” which will see the adventures of the old cast return. Allen has played this role for six years and will probably have no problem returning to it now.


Kimberly Anne Scott Maybe Facing Prohibition Violation

Kimberly Anne Scott, also known as Kimberly Mathers the ex-wife of Eminem is facing sever charges. Due to her drunk driving accident in 2015 when she crashed an SUV she pleaded to content in order to avoid the trial. Because of that she was sentenced to one year of prohibition and also needed to pay a fine, because of this he has to undergo drug tests four times a month. If the test would to come back positive she would then be facing a much sever charge.

But recently she needed to appear in court due to some of her samples being diluted, so she was forced to submit a hair sample which came back negative. The problem is that some of the people who do the tests are uneducated about how to take them so Kim was probably having problems in doing the tests correctly. She will be able to switch to Soberlink, as her lawyers have asked for, and beside it she will also have to go through a number more tests in order to prove her sobriety.


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