Who is Steve Austin’s Dream Match Up?

Stone Cold Steve Austin has recently unveiled his dream matchup. During his latest podcast, “The Steve Austin Show,” he was asked a question which would be his dream matchup. Steve Austin is already in the Hall of Fame of the WWE so he went for another Hall of Famer and chose Hulk Hogan.

“I have to say Hulk Hogan, because he is one of the biggest draws in the history of the business. Everybody thought that match between ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan should have happened a couple years back and never did” Is the answer he gave to the question and it appease that he regrets of this matchup never happening. Hulk Hogan was a part of Hulkmania which made WWE popular during its Golden Era, while Steve Austin is the one who promoted the Attitude Era thanks to his feud with the chairman Steve McMahon.

Nicole Curtis Supports the Troops

Nicole Curtis of HGTV and of Rehab Addicts fame has recently voiced her support for the military and the troops of America. She went on twitter and said how much she appreciates the men and woman who fight to make this country safe.

Nicole supports the people who are willing to put their lives at risk for the freedom of the people and if those people are willing to do that, Nicole says that she salutes, supports, respects and honors them. She ended the tweet with a simple “End of discussion” conclusion.

She was supported by many fans and her followers as they immediately tweeted back and voiced their own support. Nicole explains that she shared this because this is a subject which hits close to home for her and is a very personal one. She simply wished to share her thoughts and beliefs and wanted to touch other people as well.


“Rehab Addict” (Nicole Curtis)

Ainsley Earhardt and her New Book

You probably have already heard about Ainsley Earhardt. Well if you own a TV it is pretty hard to miss her as she is the hostess of one of the more famous shows on Fox. She appears regularly on Fox and Friends and gives us all the latest news about politics and everything currently happening in the nation. This has made her one of the watched news anchors on TV and also made her into a celebrity on her own.

But what is Ainsley doing while she is not doing her show and reporting on Fox. If you are answer is praising Trump, it is where you are wrong, as she already does enough of that while working. No, actually her hobby and passion is writing children’s books. Are you amazed yet? Yes, Ainsley Eardhardt is a children’s book writer, and she is releasing her second book titled “Through Your Eyes: My Child’s Gift to Me.”

In this book Ainsley reflects and describes her own experiences of being a mother but also looks back in the her past and explains the world around her through the eyes of a her 10-year-old self. She basically says that this book is about seeing the wonders of the world through the eyes of a child. Actually this is a follow up story to Ainsley’s first book called “Take Heart, My Child: A Mother’s Dream.”

Her first book is actually a lyrical lullaby and came out in 2016 and is meant to inspire young children to follow their dreams. Her versatility is certainly amazing and Ainsley displays very good writing skills with her new book.


Versatility is the Key, Says Eddie Huang

Being able to multitask is a specific gift. If you are able to do more things and do them correctly at a time you are on your way to finish your work or job faster and are free to do other things. It is also very stimulating for a person to be able to do more things at a time and also gives you a sense of success when you finish all of the given work.

Eddie Huang is a person who believes in being able to do more things at once is the key to success. Being laser focused on one specific thing will get you so far, but only if you are truly capable of getting involved in more things is where you truly develop as a person. Eddie Huang should say that as he is a versatile personality himself. He cooks, he writes, he makes movies and he is also a lawyer, what more could he do.

He says that all the things that he has tried doing were his passion and that all that he has done has helped him get where he is today. When one thing becomes dull you can easily change to a different one, is what Eddie believes in doing. He says that focus is important, though and he greatly values being focused when doing something as it makes the job so much better. But of you can shift that focus to more things at the same time, it is what will get you places. We cannot argue with what Eddie says as he is the sole example of making it in various fields directly because of his beliefs.


is this Eddie Huang’s girlfriend?! (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for MTV)