Winona Ryder Biography

The thrilling drama Stranger Things star Winona Ryder was born in a farmhouse in Olmsted Country, Minnesota. She became famous for her numerous movies during the 90’s. However, Winona Ryder career actually started in late 80’s with debut in the film Lucas (1986) and the role in Beetlejuice (1988) that followed. These movies opened the door to success for Winona Ryder and we know her today as one of the iconic figures of Hollywood.

Winona Ryder’s real name is Winona Laura Horowitz. She got her name after a nearby town Winona in Minnesota. Her father Michael Horovitz was a publisher and bookseller, while her mother Cynthia (Istas) was a video producer and author.

Winona Ryder Net Worth and Income

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Winona Ryder has a net worth of 18 million US dollars. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the public was shocked when Ryder was caught and arrested in December 2001 for stealing clothes from a store in Beverly Hills. Her lawyer denied the accusations and she was released the same evening on $20,000 bail. However, Beverly Hills police later described Ryder as “very friendly, polite and cooperative”.

Winona Ryder Stranger Things

Ryder landed a role in popular Netflix drama Stranger Things as Joyce Byers, a woman who lives in a small town in Indiana, US. After her 12-year old son goes missing, Joyce launches startling investigation with the local authorities, untying a series of bizarre mysteries.


Winona Ryder and David Harbour in “Stranger Things”

Beetlejuice and Other Movies

Ryder’s filming biography is impressive. After her debut on Lucas in 1986, Winona Ryder landed a lead role in dark comedy Heathers in 1988. She played an intelligent teen girl who teams up with a sociopath in a plot to kill the cool kids. Her agent actually begged Ryder not to accept this role, but she did anyways.

In 1990 Winona had another noticeable role in Edward Scissorhands with Johnny Depp as a lead male role. By the time of filming Edward Scissorhands the two young actors have already begun their glamourous romance. In fact, they were engaged already when they filmed this movie.

The Night on Earth followed in 1991, then Age of Innocence in 1993. She won Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for this movie. Furthermore, she played in Reality Bites in 1994, alongside Ethan Hawke and Ben Stiller. Furthermore, Ryder played noticeable roles in Little Women in 1994, Boys in 1996 and Autumn in New York with Richard Gere co-staring in 2000.


Winona Ryder and Daniel Day-Lewis in “The Age of Innocence”

More recently, Winona Ryder won Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series for her role in Stranger Things in 2017.

Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp

Ryder met Johnny Depp at the premiere of Great Balls of Fire in 1989 and started dating a few months after that. According to them both, it was a love at first sight. When they went on their first date, Johnny Depp was 27 and Winona was only 17 years old. He was Ryder’s first boyfriend. Nevertheless, only five months after they started dating, Johnny proposed to Winona. They moved in together a month after that and were engaged for three years before getting married.

According to Winona, her parents completely approved of Johnny Depp, despite the huge age gap between them. They were madly in love, and this lasted couple of years. Depp even tattooed Winona’s name that he changed after the breakup into ‘Wino Forever’.

Unfortunately, the couple broke up in 1993. They both took it very hard. According to some rumors, Depp was filming at the time he broke up with Winona. And he wasn’t able to come to set for days, crying broken in his room. At the same time, Winona Ryder struggled with a serious depression. She even checked in to the hospital for depression and anxiety symptoms at the time.


Winona Ryder and her ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp

She described hers and Johnny Depp’s break up as a ‘first real break up’ and the ‘first heartbreak’ in her life.

Even though their break up was hard, Ryder stood up for her ex when she was interviewed about his divorce and alleged abuse of his wife Amber Heard. Winona said then that Depp was nothing but loving and caring guy at the time they were together. She added that Johnny was absolutely never abusive towards her.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Winona Ryder belongs to Russian and Romanian Jewish ancestry. This ethnical heritage coms from her father’s side, whose family belonged to Russian and Romanian Jews.

Winona Ryder Age

Winona was born on October 29, 1971. She is 46 years old.

Winona Ryder Height and Weight

The actress is 1.61m (5’3”) tall and weighs around 54kg or 119lb.


Winona Ryder in “Heathers”

Winona Ryder Boyfriend

The famous Hollywood actress is in a romantic relationship that has been lasting for seven years now. Her long-time boyfriend is Scott Mackinley Hahn, an American fashion designer and co-founder of ROGAN and Loomstate apparel brands.

Winona Ryder has never been married and she has no children.


[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,October 29 1971
Ethnicity:,Russian and Romanian Jews
Net Worth:,$18 million
Hair Color:,Dark-Brown
Eye Color:,Dark-Brown
Height:,1.61m (5’3”)
Weight:,54kg or 119lb
Married to:,Never married
Affair with:,N/A
Children:,No children
Birth Sign:,Scorpio
Education:,American Conservatory Theatre (San Francisko)

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