Wolf Mason, By Myself – Review

Wolf Mason dropped his new single ‘By Myself’ featuring KØDE. Before this, he released his EP ‘I Can’t Sleep and Idk Why’, and success was overwhelming.

‘By Myself’ is a little bit different from what we used to hear from him and that is why it’s so special. This piece is a work of two minds that are set to make something extraordinary. The lyrics are about self-love and realizing that you are enough and better off alone after a breakup. Wolf Mason at first made an acoustic version of ’By Myself’ that was very personal and rough, and then shared it with KØDE who later produced it and gave the song that KØDE touch that was missing.

Wolf’s words were “I don’t make EDM really, so I sent him the vocals, and we kind of worked out the song structure and he truly made it something special from there. I feel really lucky we found each other, he is a really good guy and has a bright future.”

Wolf’s voice is amazing and his singing technic is surprising us with each of his new songs. He always puts something new and different and makes us look forward to what is next.

The arrangement of this track was perfect, as well as production. It has nice drops and nice bridges from one part to another. The sub-bass is completing the harmony and giving the low end while the piano chords are tingling the soul with the sweet sensation. KØDE captured the emotions of the acoustic version and gave them that revelation feeling of shouting from the roof that you are better of alone! Overall this is a great song, and you should go and check it out on Spotify, and don’t be surprised if you end up rethinking your life at 2:00 am while listening to this hit!

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