Yandel Now Much Closer to his Fans than Before

The Puerto Rican sensation singing star Yandel has released an app which is going to make his music more available to his fans. Billboard has recently announced this news while the singer was attending Billboard Latin Music Awards at Watsco Center. The app is going to allow the fans to interact directly with Yandel and see his process of making music. It is going to make them more connected with their favorite singer and bring the atmosphere which Yandel is reliving directly to the fans. Yandel announced “My fans mean the world to me and my new mobile app will enable me to interact with them directly like never before.”

Yandel is not the only star to join the escapex app as before him stars like Marc Anthony, Farruko, J Alvarez, Baby Rasta & Gringo, Prince Royse and many others have joined in.

We are excited to team up with a star like Yandel. He is known for his love of his fans and we are honored to help him connect and more closely interact with the social media base he has created

as the people from escapex have said.

DJ Qualls Appearing in the New Season of Fargo

Donald Joseph “DJ” Qualls has become quite an established actor during the years. He is not the type of a guy you would cast in a pretty boy role, but he mostly presents an awkward individual or a troubled person and he plays that role great. You may have remembered him from teen comedy roles of the 2000s where he made his name by appearing in “Road Trip” and “The New Guy.” But he is well past those roles now as his IMDB credit now boasts some pretty serious and pretty obscure roles. He has been mostly linked with serious TV shows in his late career. He is still awkward, but his acting chops have been honed down and he manages to establish his role to perfection.

This led him being cast in such shows as “Supernatural” and “Breaking Bad.” But the latest role that he has appeared in is in “Fargo” where he plays a murderous individual with only a few lines of dialogue. Although only a few episodes of the show have passed he has already established himself as one of the characters to watch out for. DJ Qualls had this to say about him being cast in Fargo, “Noah Hawley is pretty specific, and he wanted me, and if he wants you, you go. The guy’s a genius,” after praising the director he also praised the way things are being done here and links everything to professionality.


DJ Qualls

Mozhan Marno and Her Transition to a Popular TV Actor

Mozhan Marno may not be the Hollywood movie star that everybody is talking about, but the Indian-born actor has firmly established herself within the industry and her roles on popular TV series. After becoming a star in her home country and after appearing in many popular movies there, she has successfully crossed to American TV and is appearing in two of the very popular shows currently on TV. One of them is the political drama “House of Cards” and the other is “Blacklist.” She likes both of her roles and appreciates being cast on House of Cards and feels like one of the best opportunities in her career, On ‘House of Cards’ it’s different because you’re on location, and when you’re on location you just you become fast friends with people. You wrap and you’re, like, ‘I’m kind of lonely in my hotel room in the Marriot in Baltimore…do you want to hang out with me?’


Mozhan Marnò (2015)

Brian Quinn Fascinated with his Breakfast

We all know Brian Quinn as a prankster. It is actually what his hidden camera shows are all about. We know what to expect from him and we know the type of humor he displays to the public. But what we do not know, or rather do not understand is his fascination with a certain type of breakfast. He appears to have a fascination with Thomas English Muffin, stating that it doesn’t get much credit as a breakfast.

Come to think of it, it maybe does not. Or actually I do not know what to say about this kind of breakfast. It is certainly not on my menu and I do not think that this is something praiseworthy or significant. Nevertheless, Brian seems very much content of sending flowers to the grave of the inventor, and you can see his weird message on his Instagram post. It appears that this is a kind of a situation where the joke is only funny to the jokester and not too many other people.

Follow the Solar Eclipse with Stephanie Abrams and Jim Cantore

The forthcoming solar eclipse is a fascinating sighting which is not seen too often. On August 21, people across the country will be able to see a total solar eclipse for the first time after June 8, 1918. It is predicted that it will last for about 2 minutes and 40 seconds, but scientists say that this kind of an eclipse can last up to 7 minutes in some cases. This is an incredible event which you can only get to see once in a lifetime.

It is going to be the first continent wide eclipse since the 1776. So if you are interested in seeing it and learning more about it the Weather Channel has you covered. Stephanie Abrams and Jim Cantore are going to lead the show called “The Total Solar Eclipse,” which will offer educational information and give you all the facts about this sighting. It is also going to help you understand all the safe ways of watching the eclipse as well.


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