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We have concentrated on bringing the needed information about any celebrity that you may find an interest in. Our team is comprised of very gifted people who found it fitting to research and bring you all the stories about the celebrities, both minor and major, from the world. Whether it is acting, sports, entertainment, journalism or any other industry there is a bunch of information floating around there about everyone.

We found it fitting to gather it all into one place and present it to the people who are interested in it. Our team comprises of journalists and various research specialists who are great at their job and manage to give you all the important information about a celebrity that you are looking for.

What are the reasons that you may be interested in a celebrity? Sometimes curiosity is the major factor that makes you type the name in the search bar. What are they doing now? Where are they? Are they still active in their fields? How much are they worth? These are all the questions that sometimes trouble a curious mind, and we are here to indulge the curiosity that you feel.

Of course, we can give you the information about your favorite celebrity that you want to know about. You may be looking to find out more about a person who inspired you or you just want to know is their career going well. Here you will be able to find data not just about their careers but also their personal lives. Being a celebrity also means that you cannot keep things a secret so whether they are major achievements in their lives or some mishaps that they have, bankruptcies, affairs or anything similar, we will report it to you.

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Nebojsa Dukić (Editor)

Nebojsa has a degree in law, but his passion has always been writing. Even though he could have been a great lawyer, he decided to use his talent of being good with words elsewhere. He combined his wordiness with general interests of current affairs and knowledge about celebrities to do what he actually likes.

Nebojsa was born in Montenegro but moved to Belgrade for his studies, where he remained. Even during his studies, he used to write for certain portals and even had his own blog that eventually led him here. Biographyz took him on and little by little he became our main man and it is thanks to him that our site works so well. Besides being our editor, he is probably the funniest guy in the office. He loves good food and having a beer by the sea.

Nataša Tasić (Author)

Natasa is one of our most talented writers. She is probably the most cheerful and enthusiastic member of our team, but also the youngest. But don’t let her age fool you because she is all business when it comes to working. Once she puts on her reading glasses and starts punching the keyboard you know that it is working on something good.

Natasa is an English major and she graduated from the Philosophical Faculty of Nis in Serbia. She started working with us while she was still a student and we can say that she is probably one of our most experienced members. Her way with words and her passion for researching and reading about celebrities is what makes her a perfect author.

Marko Kovač (Author)

Marko Kovač or Mark is an experienced author and has been a journalist for a very long time. His joining us made our team more professional as he brought the experience that we needed. He was born in Novi Sad and worked in a bunch of local newspapers and covered all sorts of stories.

He has even worked on television as a reporter but decided to give all of that up for a more lucrative job. Working with Biographyz gives him a piece of mind and he gets to do something that he loves. Reporting about celebrities and their lives has always been a passion of his and he is doing it now and has never been happier.

Anđela Vesić (Author)

Anđela Vesić or Angie may be the newest member of our team but her knowledge and experience give her the status of a veteran. She was born and raised in Belgrade and knows all the ins and outs and the gossip of the city.

This makes her a perfect person to write about celebrities and their lives. Some would say that she is nosy but we say she is intuitive and her ability to find and write about some very interesting details about the lives of celebrities is what brings our content its edge.

Miodrag Ratkovica (Author)

Miodrag or Mike as everybody calls him has established himself as a great writer and author. The quality of his content is what makes him unique and so great for this field. He started writing about sports for a local newspaper but quickly transitioned to some tabloids and worked for various other sites where he has done more of the same.

But his passion has always been writing and learning about famous people so he was a great fit at Biographyz. The quality of news that he brings is top notch and he always tries to research and finds the most important stories for our viewers to read. In his free time he likes playing basketball, 3 vs 3, he says he is getting old for full court basketball.

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